Click on the blind fabric you require to go to the configuration page where you can create the perfect blind for you.

Puma:- The blackout fabric of choice when a robust, easy maintenance fabric is required. Ideal for use with Silent Gliss dim-out systems.

Colorama 1:-A best-selling and versatile transparent Trevira CS fabric. It has a uniform and stable weave which makes it ideal for stiff and soft fabric applications. Available up to 340cm wide with an extensive colour range.

Colorama 2:-The epitome of versatility and sophistication. The uniform and stable weave, the width up to 340cm and extensive colour range make it a logical first choice. Colorama 2 is the most successful Silent Gliss fabric over the last 20 years. Antibacterial and aluminium backed versions are also available.

Multiscreen:-A Silent Gliss bestseller available in three openness factors (1%, 5% and 10%). Multiscreen is the ideal solution for office buildings where optimal light control and maximum external views are required.

Mercuro B:-A bestselling polyester blackout fabric with easy handling and reliable hanging characteristics.


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